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Ceremonial Meeting of the Group of 77 & China Appoints 2014 Chair

New York
Thursday, November 7, 2013

A ceremonial meeting of the Group of 77 & China was held at Ambassadorial level at the United Nations today to elect the Plurinational State of Bolivia as the Group’s 2014 Chair. The meeting was presided over by Fiji’s Ambassador Peter Thomson and heard addresses from the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr Jan Eliasson, and the Chef de Cabinet of the President of the General Assembly’s Office, Dr Paulette Bethel.

Upon the election by acclamation of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the Permanent Representative of Bolivia, Ambassador Sacha Soliz, was invited to the podium to deliver his country’s speech of acceptance.  Ambassadors Thomson and Soliz were then accorded speeches of thanks and support from the Group of 77 membership, with emphasis on the need for the Group’s solidarity in the work ahead in relation to the UN’s Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Fiji’s G77 Chairmanship responsibilities will continue during the UN’s heavy workload months of November and December, during which time the business before the UN’s six committees has to be concluded.  Importantly during this period, agreement must be reached on negotiations surrounding the proposed programme budget for the UN’s 2014-15 biennium.

Actual transfer of the G77 Chairmanship responsibilities will be made at a G77 Ambassadorial meeting to be held at the United Nations in January 2014. Ambassadors Soliz and Thomson assured today’s meeting that arrangements are being made between the Permanent Missions of Fiji and Bolivia for a smooth handover of the leadership baton.

Ambassador Sacha Soliz was a member of the Bolivian delegation that visited Fiji in May, 2013.  His Excellency President Evo Morales of Bolivia led the delegation that visited Fiji to attend the G77’s High-Level Panel of Eminent Personalities of the South, held at Natadola.


(left to right): 2014 G77 Chair, Ambassador Soliz of Bolivia, welcomed to the podium by 2013 G77 Chair, Ambassador Thomson of Fiji, and UN Deputy Secretary-General Eliasson


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