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G77 Chair Urges International Community's Support for Small Island Developing Countries

New York
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Speaking today in Fiji's capacity as 2013 Chair of the Group of 77 and China, Fiji's Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Peter Thomson, urged international support to increase levels of support for Small Island Developing Countries (SIDs).

At the United Nations meeting of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals in New York today, Fiji's Ambassador said that SIDs face special development and environment challenges. He said it was important to acknowledge that the gains of SIDs towards attaining sustainable development, could be nullified if the climate change challenge is not comprehensively addressed.

"For many SIDs", Ambassador Thomson said, "Global warming and sea level rise threaten the very existence of entire countries." He called for the international community to apply greater political committment to the UNFCCC process, in particular in addressing the adaptation needs of SIDs, including the provision of new, additional and predictable financial resources.

"The full operationalisation and capitalisation of the Green Climate Fund by early 2014, with up-scaled financing to reach US$100 billion by 2020, would be an important step in the right direction", Fiji's Ambassador told the Open Working Group.

Ambassador Thomson said that the Group of 77 gives its encouragement to the Climate Change Summit, which is being convened at the United Nations in 2014, to produce concrete outcomes to increase mitigation measures that will ameliorate Climate Change impacts on SIDs.

He said the Group welcomed the decision to convene the Third International Conference for the Sustainable Development of SIDs in September 2014 in Samoa. "We also welcome the strong committment of SIDs to take full responsibility for their sustainable development and encourage the international community to lend adequate support to implement the priority outcomes from the Samoa Conference."



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