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Prime Minister Bainimarama Meets Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

New York
Friday, September 26, 2014


Fiji's Prime Minister Hon. Voreqe Bainimarama met at the United Nations today with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The Secretary General warmly congratulated Fiji's Prime Minister for the successful completion of the recent Fiji general elections, and for Fiji's people choosing him to lead the nation.

Mr. Ban congratulated Fiji for the free, fair, and democratic manner in which the elections were conducted.

The Secretary General said the democratic process would no doubt fully restore confidence that Fiji has a strong economic future ahead of it. Mr. Ban said that he hoped Prime Minister Bainimarama and Fiji would play a leadership role in regional development, particularly as the world moves to towards the challenges of the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

The Prime Minister said that when he met the Secretary General one year ago in New York, he had made a promise that Fiji would have free and fair elections in 12 months time. In his meeting with Mr. Ban today, he assured the Secretary General that Fiji had faithfully delivered on that promise.

The Prime Minister referred to the excellent work of the 92-member multi-national observer group led by Australia, Indonesia and India that had overseen the elections. He said the elections were conducted in accordance with the 2013 Fiji Constitution, the central message of which was one of all Fijians be embraced as equal citizens.

In his national statement to the UN General Assembly tomorrow, the Prime Minister said he will affirm his government's intention to be inclusive, protecting and promoting the rights and aspirations of all Fijians.

The Secretary General expressed his deep admiration for the bravery of the Fijian UN Peace Keepers, who had performed so well in the UNDOF Mission in the Middle East, in spite of the recent hostage crisis.  He thanked Fiji and its people for their commitment to UN peacekeeping.

The Prime Minister said that UN peacekeeping will continue to be at the core of Fiji's foreign policy, with a view to Fiji playing its part in efforts to secure global peace and security. He assured the Secretary General of Fiji's 100 per cent commitment to the ongoing integrity of UNDOF. ​



UNPhoto/Eskinder Debebe


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