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Indian Government Donation to Office of PGA

New York
Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin, presented a cheque for US$250,000 to the President-elect of the UN General Assembly, Fiji's Ambassador Peter Thomson, to assist with costs of running the Office of the President of the General Assembly's 71st Session.

Ambassador Akbaruddin said that as a fellow developing country from the Asia-Pacific region, India wanted to show its support to the President's Office in order to contribute to a successful session in the year ahead.

Ambassador Thomson thanked the Government of India for its solidarity and generosity. He said India's assistance to Fiji and the Pacific Small Islands Developing States was deeply appreciated by all concerned.

Ambassador Thomson said that like all funds received to support the Office of the Presidency for the 71st Session, India's donation would be deposited in the UN Trust Fund, so that receipt of funds and expenditure would be transparent to all.


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