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New York
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Fiji's contribution to peacekeeping duties in Iraq has been commended by Iraq's Head of State following a meeting with the Fijian President in Iraq.

His Excellency the President Major General (Ret'd) Jioji Konrote paid a courtesy call on the President of Iraq His Excellency Muhammad Fuad Masum in Baghdad, Iraq.

The courtesy call by His Excellency was an opportunity to extend to the Iraqi President, the gratitude of the Fijian people for accommodating Fijian peacekeepers stationed in Iraq under the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq" or UNAMI banner.

In welcoming our President to his nation, President Masum said the Government and people of Iraq valued the work undertaken by the peacekeepers and highlighted the close working relations between Fijian peacekeepers and authorities and the people of Iraq.

The Iraqi President also congratulated Fiji for its recent gold medal win at the 2016 Rio Olympics and called for closer cooperation between the two nations.

The President is visiting Fijian peacekeeping troops based in various parts of the Middle East in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the Republic of Fiji's Military Forces. This is his first foreign visit as President and Commander in Chief.



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