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Fijian Envoy Briefs Media on G77 Meet in Fiji

Natadola, Fiji
Monday, May 6, 2013

Ministry of Information, National Archives and Library Services of Fiji

"Fiji not oly wants to carry the ball of the chairmanship of Group of 77 safely but wants to progress the ball down the field to show progress", says Fiji permanent representative to the United Nations His Excellency Peter Thomson.

Addressing local and international media on the eve of the G77's High Level Panel of Eminent Personalities of the South- "The Future Cooperation of South-South Cooperation" in Natadola, Nadi, Mr Thomson pointed out the significance of this meet.

"It was decided by the secretariat at the begining of Fiji's tenure that it was something the G77 needed to progress," he said.

"The Fiji chairmanship is one where we want to demonstrate a show of safe hands as chair but also progress the organization in its one year tenure."

Ambassador Thomson said the outcome of this meeting will not only be taken to the secretariat and the General Assembly but will also be presented to the G77's 132 Foreign Affairs Ministers who will meet in New York at the margins of the General Assembly in September 2013.

"So the deliberation will be important in that the advice given to the 132 nations on the future of the South-South Cooperation," Ambassador Thomson said.

Meanwhile leaders have started arriving into the country as the nation prepares to host its first G77 meet in the country.

Fiji permanent representative to the United Nations, His Excellency Peter Thomson and Mr Mourad Ahmia, the Executive Secretary of the Group of 77


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