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Fiji Day in New York

New York
Thursday, October 10, 2013

To celebrate the 43rd year of Fiji’s independence, Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Peter Thomson hosted a luncheon for seventy Ambassadors in New York, today.

2013 has been a significant year for the Fiji Mission in New York as it marks the first time a Pacific Island country has taken on the Chairmanship of the Group or 77, the largest intergovernmental group in the United Nations. With Kiribati joining the Group of 77 this year, its membership has grown to 133 developing countries.  

Fiji Day follows on the heels of the High-Level week at the end of September when the UN’s 68th session got underway.  The Fijian Prime Minster, Commodore Josaia V. Bainimarama along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, took on multiple national engagements in New York during the High-Level week.

Highlights so far for Fiji’s Chairmanship have been its leadership leading up to and during the Special Event to follow up efforts towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and the inaugural meeting of the High Level Political Forum. These were very significant events for UN Member states as they deliberate on setting the global post-2015 Development Agenda. In both events, Prime Minister Bainimarama was the lead speaker, as the Chair for the Group of 77 and China, signifying the critical importance of the Group’s part in preparing for the post-2015 Development Agenda.  

As part of Fiji’s National Statement to the General Assembly in September, Prime Minister Bainimarama conveyed Fiji’s readiness and unwavering commitment to UN peacekeeping duties. He also conveyed the message that Fiji remains steadfast on course with the Roadmap for Democracy with parliamentary elections to be held before the end of September 2014. He presented a copy of Fiji’s new constitution to the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, and assured the Secretary General that next year’s elections will be both credible and transparent.


Fiji Day Address, New York, 10/10/13 Clockwise: Permanent Representatives to the UN of China, Benin, Fiji, President of the General Assembly, United Kingdom, Iran and Ethiopia


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